1. River

From the recording River


River rough as ever and high as these eyes ever seen
Roll on rusted river wash away everything
I ask the roots, "Why aren't you reaching?"
"Is there nowhere left to climb?"
"Is the sun, but barely, beaming?"
"In who's hand does it reside?"

I wonder why the heart's still beating
Yet, the body's paralyzed
Will the sun recede forever?
Will the moon pull higher tides?

I'm aware that I am caught up in the current
I only dipped my toes now I don't know where I am going
I am far behind just going through the motions
I tried to change it up but I was washed out in the ocean

Worry gets you nothing
all-in-all and in due time
Put the two halves back together
throw away and never find

I am like a vine: climbing and invasive
Kill me at the source if you can't stand my procreation
I am right where I somehow belong
Another part of me that you can carry when I'm gone